M A N U  A C T U R E R & D E S I G N

K I T C H E N & B A T H R O O M  R E N O V A T I O N 

Muses Cabinets is an American Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets Manufacturer, specializing in kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. Muses Cabinets is headquartered in Eastvale, California. Providing all customers, retail / wholesale / affiliates / contractors all the chance to work with us and earn money by selling kitchens to the normal US consumer at extremely lower prices, or provide our retail customers with better pricing than most cabinet retailers while providing better standards in material than the big-box stores. Offering kitchen & bath design and measuring services free of charge, in-home and in-store consultations free. Prices you cannot beat anywhere else nationwide, Muses Cabinets by far will dominate the cabinet segment.


Established in 2016.

Since 2016, when the first store opened in Mira Loma, CA, which is now known as Eastvale as we are located at the line of the city limits. Muses Cabinets has been offering consumers affordable kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities in the quality they deserve, with customer service to match. With great dedication to providing value and a focus on the customer.

Refocusing on Online and Nationwide sales is key right now. Providing the customer so much information and detailed quality photos, videos & soon virtual reality to provide the customers with an experience like no other company can offer is Muses Cabinets main goal to achieve. How would you like to see our products in your kitchen for free using your smart phone device and/or tablet and be able to see our cabinets first hand, change the angles, and make your decision not needing to physically come to our store.

Yes people may say cabinets need visuals, but technology has made this fact obsolete as virtual reality is provided at 1440p HD quality which is higher than the standard smart HDTV. There is nothing more valuable than getting our customers manufacturer / discount pricing & offer retail consumers the chance to have the kitchen they THINK they cannot afford because of the standard that Home Depot / IKEA / Lowes has set for the prices. We GUARANTEE better and WAY MORE affordable prices. This feature is and will be in in development but you can ensure until this is completed and can be offered to our consumers, we will provide all of our product pricing and photos as best as we can display them on the most advanced technology devices available to the normal USA household.

Muses Cabinets specializes in kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities at affordable prices that are pledged to be 40% less than the big box stores, with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all purchases. With Muses Cabinets, anyone can plan their new kitchen or bath remodel with the confidence that the project will stay within budget without sacrificing quality or taste.
We pride ourselves on the diversity of our collections, offering a variety of popular styles at a fraction of the price. From contemporary and modern to refined and traditional, Muses Cabinets offers collections that complete an extensive range of design schemes.